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Property Management

Property Boss LLC™ offers an amazing array of property management solutions. We cater to both the novice investor with a growing portfolio, as well as the seasoned full time investor. Property Boss™ uses one of the most state of the art web based property management software's allowing transparent access for tenants and home owners. One of the best features we offer to our clients is to remain completely anonymous.


We also conduct one the most thorough tenant background screening process compared to companies alike in our area. Property Boss has an extremely efficient maintenance & management staff available 24/7, professional leasing agents, highly skilled legal representation and a centrally located office.

   When choosing Property Boss to manage your rental units we will be building a relationship which is both beneficial and trouble free. We strive to create great working relationships with our real estate investors and tenants. Here at Property Boss we focus on solutions, not problems, therefor minimizing issues and maximizing profit.

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